Russell Hobbs kettle
Russell Hobbs toaster
Russell Hobbs coffee percolator
Stove kettle
Russell Hobbs coffee Machine
Ice cream machine (on request prior to arrival)
Slicer Rheninghaus 280mm (on request prior to arrival)
Ice Machine
Kenwood Chef (on request prior to arrival)
Hand Blender
Bosh Blender
Mortar and Pestle
Large Steel Paella
Cast Iron Oval Pot
Teflon pots x 3
Chinese bamboo steamer
Square Ridged Grill Pan
Non-Stick Frying Pan
Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle
Stock Pot
Chinese Wok
Non Stick Baking trays
Chopping boards x 3
Roasting trays x 3
Food trays x 2
Complete set of cutlery
Oil strainer
Garlic Press

Measuring cups
Egg separator
Can Opener
Potato Peeler
Vegetable Scissors
Poultry Shears
Measuring Spoons
Small Graters x 2
Hand Egg Beaters
French Balloon Whisks x 3
Gravy Whisk
Funnel Strainer
Can Opener
Slotted Spoon
Colander x 3
Wooden Spatulas
Carving Fork
Carving Knife
Electric Carving Knife
Electric knife sharpener
Wetstone Knife sharpener
Chef’s Knife
Pasta Fork
A selection of funnels
Cheese slicer
Pasta Pot
White bowls x 6
Electric hand beater
Rolling Pin

Potato Masher
Shallow Soup Ladle
Deep Round Soup Ladle
Oval Soup Ladle
Meat Tongs
Braai/Barbecue tongs, forks, knives and spatula
Dish Cleaning Brush x 2
Splatter guard
Egg Poacher
Bread bin
Mixing bowls x 5 – various sizes
Rolling Pin
Pizza Cutter
Pizza Paddle
Ice Cream Scoop
Boil Over Preventer
Chopping boards x 3
Thermos flask
Brita water filter
Fish steamer
Cookbook reader holder
Paper towel holder
Dish drying cloths
Oven-proof glass dishes with cover – various size x 5
Oven proof open glass dishes x 4
Ceramic serving dishes – various sizes x 9
Plates, side plates, cups, saucers and mugs
Romantic candles
Hand Chef Mixer
Eight champagne glasses (you might need a choice for tasting)
Eight wine glasses (now you have a choice of cultivars)
Lemon Squeezer
Marinade injector

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